Coffee houses, music and really big hills… Seattle is legendary ‘West Coast’.  Immaculately kept old neighborhoods proudly boast heritage buildings that own their presence along the urban tree-lined streets. This only adds to the nostalgic charm of this multi-faceted city.

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If you are familiar with my blog photos, you may notice my affinity for architecture! Well its these buildings in Seattle, and those tree lined streets that make it difficult for other cities to even compare.  The ambience of the city has a certain vibe, quaint coffee houses and an old market, Seattle is truly unique in and of itself.

Seattle, not only renowned for conception of the iconic coffee shops we’ve grown to love and expect on every corner, Seattle pretty much founded the coffee culture that has emerged today.

Iconic Coffee History

Coffee roasting is a complex undertaking, the temperature, and timing of roasting can determine the difference between full flavoured coffee or coffee that tastes burnt.  Luckily though, Seattle roasters seem to have mastered this technique starting from the small local roasters and onward.  This all started in 1895 with Oscar Delaloye a dock-worker that found a bag of spilled coffee beans, most likely from one of the ships, and decided to roast them and sell them around the city.  He eventually opened his own coffee shop called ‘Seattle Tea and Coffee’; location…Pike Place Market of course!  The very first Starbucks also opened up at Pike Place Market in 1971!


The pride of Seattle, great produce, seafood, salty air and flying fish!  Yes… you read right… ‘heads up!’.  Pike Place Market opened in 1907 and still going strong!  Local farmers display their goods and local fishermen throw fish at you…but in all fairness they will give you a very brief warning.

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Of course you can find more than flying fish at Pike Place, they have incredible West Coast cuisine, local artisans and lots more to see!

West Coast Cuisine

If you like authentic West Coast fare then you will love Seattle!  Seafood bisque, seafood linguini, scallops; hungry yet?  West Coast culinary deliciousness consists of fresh fruits and vegatables directly from farm to table, it’s how we do things out here… and of course all the seafood you could possibly imagine!

Elliott’s Oyster House – I can’t even look at this site without practically salivating… the prices are quite high, and I don’t normally recommend expensive restaurants but if your budget allows it then give it a try!

Pike’s Place Chowder – Affordable and delicious!  Great place to stop by to warm up during a rainy afternoon of shopping at the market.

The Pink Door – Currently closed for renovations and opening it’s pink doors again this spring 2017.  This establishment is well known for its bohemian ambience, acrobats and trapeze performance right above you while dining, live local music performances and even burlesque / caberet and belly dancing! (okay…maybe leave the young ones at home that evening…!!)

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And on top of all that entertainment…we can’t forget the food!  Incredible fusion of Italian / American cuisine, fabulous, fantastic and oh so good…. where else can you enjoy fine dining with a trapeze show above you?

Now after all this food… don’t forget to check out the local pubs, Seattle is known for Irish pubs also with live entertainment!  A great list of Irish Pubs can be found here at Thrillist.  And here is a link for a list of the quintessential jazz clubs to visit during your stay.

The Neighbourhoods

Just some of the worth-visiting areas while you’re there:

Bellevue / Eastside – Great parks and relaxing drive, exactly why Seattle is given the nickname as ‘The Emerald City’.  Lush and green..

Belltown – Trendy… boutique shops, restaurants and nightlife

Fremont – My personal favourite.. bohemian, colourful and fun.

Pioneer Square – Old Buildings, old neighbourhood, tons of quirky things to see and look at, and did I mention history?  Established in 1852.

Visit Seattle has a full list of its neighbourhoods, a must see for planning your trip over to this charming historic city!

Site Seeing

Lastly, one must check out the natural beauty that surrounds this gem on the West Coast.

Golden Gardens Park – stunning water views and beaches

Puget Sound Drive – scenic views and a must see

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Scenic Drives are also a must do, the views and breathtaking scenery is endless.. trust me.  The link I provided you has an extensive list and map, and I can’t say enough about West Coast scenery.. I really can’t.  And of course, don’t forget the beaches!  Seattle and the Washington area is obviously surrounded by water, and there are lovely beaches to be found…

With its shimmering blue ocean and lush green forests; Seattle is as beautiful as an emerald and saphire mixed together.

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It is a richly coloured jewel that rests at the tip of the west coast crown, and being a Vancouverite as I am, we share some of the bragging rights of being this hip, trend-setting citys’ supporting jewel right next door!

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