You’re sitting at your well-arranged desk, your desk that is in the perfect space set up for writing. The lamp is illuminating just the right amount of light to keep you comfortable, yet motivating enough to lose yourself in your writing.  At the end of a difficult day, you can return to your designated writing corner, and arrange some perfect sentences onto paper, and this brings you joy, even after that difficult day.  That is when you know you love writing.

This love of writing follows you wherever you go.  It is a true love, a relationship that you can continue to nourish and watch grow.  The love of writing is always having that story with you, and never feeling bored or restless because you honestly can’t wait to get back to it…

The Love of Writing following a Breakup

If you are just getting over a breakup of a relationship, or friendship, writing can be therapeutic.  It can be your companion and your therapist all at once.  Your writing could be a reflection of your current feelings, and it does not need to be published, unless of course you want it to be… writing can be an expression of the difficulty you’re going through, something to hold onto and even use for a storyline down the road.  It will give you focus; a goal.  Before you know it, you will be happy again, and your happiness will be from within and from the writer within you.

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The Love of Writing, Following the loss of a Job

If you have recently lost your job, and you’re feeling like you’ve lost control over your finances, your self recognition and pretty much everything else, then writing can help. Losing a job can be devastating, I myself have experienced this!  But you know… writing can help with your self-esteem, it provides you with a feeling of the control that you think you’ve lost.  But you didn’t… it’s still there, and writing a novel, getting lost in the characters and story line will give you all the control, and self-confidence you need to get back out there and find new employment.  Employment that you can utilize to fund your love of writing!

The Love of Writing if You’re Depressed

Depression is a very large topic, one that we can’t possibly cover in this article, but I can say that if you’re in a depression, or suffering anxiety, writing can be a great tool to help you through it.  Writing can help ease your anxiety and those ugly days bringing you a small feeling of accomplishment, you know…we all need victories from time to time.  This IS one way of taking control and bringing upon your own victories.  Some of the best writing comes directly from the experience of strong emotions. Utilize that, focus on it, use your experiences in your words. You won’t be disappointed.

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If you feel the need for a change in your life, or if you are currently experiencing challenging times, writing can be your best friend.  You don’t need the white desk with teal accents, you don’t need the ‘perfect’ lamp, although lighting tends to be relatively important… all you need is a comfortable corner, or a seat by a window, or even some cushions on the floor, find a corner to call your own, and take a notebook and a pen and start writing… It will help, and you will be so glad you did!

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