I was on a very important mission…. and I brought my daughter and our 11 year-old Beagle with me named Max.  This important / urgent mission was for a cup of the most delicious tea in all of the lower mainland of Vancouver.  However, the walk to Granville Island is full of incredible scenery and picturesque beauty…darned, oh well… guess we just have to endure it…

Our walk was to ‘Jelly Bean’ park a beautiful waterfront seawall that spans for miles.. and miles.  We can walk from ‘Jelly Bean Park’ to Olympic Village along False Creek to Yaletown and continue walking along the seawall all the way to Stanley Park and English Bay.  Okay.. if you’re not from Vancouver, or familiar with Vancouver, these are some pretty amazing neighbourhoods that you will really want to explore!  You will find my next post will be focused on specific ‘Vancouver Neighbourhoods’, and we have an eclectic variety for sure!

Granville Island, False Creek
False Creek Seawall

So… we turned left from the park after a fun jaunt around with Max, and we started walking along the seawall west bound.  So much to see, we walked past a marina that is quite large actually, and across the water you can see the beautiful skyline of Yaletown, one of the most trendiest areas in Vancouver.

It was no accident as to the direction we were aiming, as we were headed towards Granville Island, an amazing peninsula in the heart of Vancouver.  It’s an artisan collective with many local artists shops and studios, and even home to the famous ‘Emily Carr Art Institute’.  Artists work day and night from paintings to sculptures, photography, iron works, wood working and clothing, and among this unique location you will also find Breweries and live theater!

You will also find many restaurants and cafes to enjoy, and the rainbow building called the ‘Kid’s Market’ where you can find designer childrens clothing, shoes, a fun and unique hair salon, a ball pit, a large jungle gym and a play arcade.  It’s loud…but totally worth the trek over to check it out.

Granville Island, vancouver, kids market,
Courtesy of Dreamstime

The Granville Island Public Market is the absolute best, I could be biased just a little…. but people from all over truly do love Granville Island, and the public market!

Incredibly fresh produce, specialty food items, condiments, butcher shops, bakeries, international cuisine, a food court…actually two food courts eith a nice selection of international cuisine that will be difficult to choose from, a handmade fudge shop, specialty chocolate shops, and the list goes on..

History of Granville Island

Granville Island is an incredibly popular daytime destination for locals, and tourists alike.  What was once an industrial piece of land dating back to 1886, has become one of the most visited places with the richest heritage in Vancouver and the heart of what is now one of the most desired places to live, suitably called False Creek, named for this peninsula situated just under the Granville Street Bridge.  The bridge once used for lowering industrial equipment and materials to Granville Island.

However,….. my mission this week, and every time I venture to Granville Island was for my Chai Tea Latte from The Granville Island Tea Company.  This tea is phenomenal, I first tried it a few years ago and it’s been my favourite… incapable of duplicating… since.  They use a secret chai tea paste, blended with cayenne pepper and ginger.  The flavour is perfect with a creamy texture.  It’s not sweet, but it is spicy!  I have it every single time I’m there, in fact, 9 times out of 10, it’s the tea that brings me there!

Onwards, just across the aisle is ‘Bon Macaron Patisserie Ltd’, hand-made and hands down… the best macarons I have ever had! They make them a little larger than most other places, so you really get your money’s worth.  And if your mouth isn’t watering yet… here are just a very few of the vast array of flavours…. Champagne, Raspberry White Chocolate, Crème Brulee, Maple (of course), Vanilla and Matcha Tea, and……drum roll….. LAVENDER.  This was my first time ever trying anything flavoured with Lavender, and it’s like a whole new world opened up for me!

Vancouver, Macarons, Granville Island

I had no idea that lavender could taste even better than the scent, but it does.  I’m sure lavender isn’t for everyone, but it definitely warrants giving it a try.  It confused yet stunned my taste buds.  It was lavender alright, and my daughter thought I was quite weird for trying it, but I did, and I’m so happy I did!

Granville Island, Kids Market
The Pond at Granville Island just outside ‘The Kids Market’.

And of course, being on the West Coast as it is, Granville Island also offers reasonably priced boat rentals.  Rates starting from $45.00 per hour with special rates for longer use, but if you’re looking for some serious pampering, then one of the Dinner Cruises should be on your itinerary, I highly recommend it!  Yachts vary, as do prices.  And while you’re in the area, do not forget to visit the houseboats, colourful, cute and quaint leaving all those who visit wishing ‘for just a moment’ that they too live on a houseboat in False Creek!

And finally, if you prefer to bypass the parking at Granville Island, there is an option to ride the reliable aqua-bus.  This is a water taxi that will take you between various locations along the waterfront of Vancouver, with Granville Island being one of them, and you can but tickets right onboard.

Vancouver, aquabus, Granville Island, Water Taxi
Courtesy of The Astute Traveler

So after our jaunt through the public market we knew our mission.. or should I say ‘my’ mission was complete.  After all, ginger tea was in hand, and macarons were wrapped nicely in a little white box for an evening treat.

Here is a link of all the various shops and studios to visit at Granville Island.

Here is a list of some fabulous eateries here at Granville Island.

Granville Island, Vancouver, False Creek

Vancouver is brimming with beauty, arts, culture and entertainment, and it is the iconic Granville Island that seems to house all of this in one location.  Definitely worth the trip over… and be sure to spend at least a few hours exploring!

Have you been to Granville Island yet?  What was your favourite part of it? Let us know, please leave a comment in the comments section below : )