A writer’s favourite pastime…. the coffee shop.  Just enough activity around you, but not enough to distract.  The music is set to café jazz and you’re in the writer’s zone.  Of course, the more character a coffee shop has, the more inspirational it can be.  I just love writing in the corner of a unique artisan café with brick walls and a fireplace, or an urban meeting place with local artists work displayed on the walls. This type of café environment emanates creativity!  I love the people you find at cafés, they’re like-minded and appreciate the value of good coffee, (or tea) and ambiance.  Maybe I’m biased…but I find it a relaxing environment with people I like to be around!

Legendary and notable authors past and present have made cafés famous today for being the old haunts of prominent writers of days gone by.  Ernest Hemingway loved Havana and loved Paris pinning both places onto the literary map of greatness.  Charles Dickens frequented the coffee shops during his writing haze of many a masterpiece.  In fact his home in London has been turned into a museum and cafe.  And of course we can’t forget the creation of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling at The Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Courtesy of 40 Reasons Scotland is Better

5 Cafes that Inspired the Literary World‘ pretty much sums up the essence of the quintessential coffee shop for writing greatness!

So what is it about the café atmosphere that attracts writers, and inspires creativity?

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Commitment to Writing

If you’ve made the effort to venture out, then you’re going to write.  It’s a commitment you’ve made to yourself, and it’s an unwritten rule that must be kept..  Writer + Coffee Shop = Written Word.  It’s true!

The Sounds

The carefully selected playlist in those perfect ambient cafés provide the background for our coffee culture.  The soothing jazz or sounds of world music can provide unlimited inspiration for the coffee-house scribe. There are many videos on YouTube with music to write by.  Relaxing Bossa Nova & Jazz Instrumental, Cafe Music for Work, Study, Relax is one of my personal favorites, in fact… I’m listening to it right now!

Boost in Writing Confidence

One can truly find their ego morsels while writing in a cafe.  Just being in the environment; working in the environment can provide you with a feeling of a certain confidence and sense of belonging.  If you like the café environment then knowing you have a purpose in being there can absolutely spark competence and imagination.

Echoing Your Literary Hero or Heroine

It’s like walking into a library rich in heritage, and feeling a sudden need to read or study.  I love the New York City Library for this reason, it’s so inspiring, it can call to an avid reader or writer’s soul!  Similarily, writing in a café can give an aspiring writer a sense of urgency in the need to produce something great, possibly stemming from the desire to emulate the greats before us, and of course the successes of writers today!

Couresty of Hemingway In Paris


Look Good, Feel Great, Write Well

I know from personal experience how easy it is to write from the comfort of your own home, maybe even in your pajamas…? (I’m guilty of that!)  Well getting out to write will encourage us to get out of the house, put forth an effort into getting ready, dressed and all the good stuff….and once we’re out…. we feel great!  So where are we going to go now?  The coffee shop of course!  I like the post Does Working in a Coffee Shop Make Your Writing Better?’ as it really captures the pros and cons of this longstanding tradition. 

I find writing with just the right background noise and energy of a café to be really beneficial.  How about you?  Where is your favorite place to write?