Hey… thanks for checking out my site!  I’m Kathy Lum, freelance writer and mom who loves life!  I believe more than anything that we are able to design our lives and be the person we truly want to be.   It may take a little adaptation, or a little compromise, but the life you want to live is within you right now!

I have a background in psychology and health sciences. I focus on writing, travel and wonderings on this site, however please do check out my second site called ‘Healthy Living – Vancouver’ Lifestyle Blog on Health and Wellness, where you will find interesting and well researched articles on such topics as Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Guilt and Pain.  If you are interested in reading about health, health sciences and psychology and basic neuroscience themed articles then you will love my little blog, (however, still a work in progress) but with many posts being added regularly!

I am available for freelance work, with a specialty in the following:

  • Travel writing
  • Health topics
  • Psychology topics
  • Lifestyle articles
  • Relationships
  • E-books
  • Editing and Proofreading

My rates are negotiable and very fair.

Contact:  kathylum@hotmail.com

Please feel free to leave comments, or shoot me a message!  I would love to hear from you, and you can find me at Twitter as well.

Thank-you again for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the readings!